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The Metric Tee Knuckle was designed to work with a Metric Tee Link to create two branches from one base. These knuckles can also be used to give a full 180┬░ range of motion if you do not need through cable routing. Mounts to the Metric Standard ball base (SLM-1) and Metric links (SLM-3T, SLM-3-50, SLM-3-100, SLM-3-150, SLM-3-200, and SLM-3-300), Metric ball adaptor (SLM-3), Metric Vacuum Adaptor (SLM-10-V) and Metric standard sensors (SLM-7 or SLM-8).
Color: Metallic Gray

Additional information

Weight .322 lbs
Dimensions 1.98 × 1.98 × 2.00 in

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